Rebels with A Cause: Africa’s Whistleblowers Need Urgent Protection

In numerous African nations, the deceptive and self-serving deeds of political and business elites have actually emerged thanks just to whistleblowers. In Kenya, previous reporter John Githongo exposed deceptive military devices offers and other rip-offs in a series of explosive direct exposures; Abdullahi Hussein covertly recorded human rights atrocities in Ethiopia; Jean-Jacques Lumumba, a Congolese

Leading Cop Strop Inspector Threatens to Axe 30 Cops’ Time Off After Discovering Confidential Police Scotland Whistleblower Complaint About Her

The inspector threatened to axe time off for 30 bobbies when outlined the personal grievance. The row in Glasgow is believed to have actually been triggered by issues about police officers using Facebook to trace criminals with impressive warrants. Last night, an expert stated they feared leading brass dripped the online report and declared spirits